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BlogSay Goodbye to Love Handles! The Vanquish Me Slimming Treatment by H Clinic

Say Goodbye to Love Handles! The Vanquish Me Slimming Treatment by H Clinic

To get that ideal toned body, we know what’s the best way to get there. Diet, exercise, all the good stuff. But what if you’ve done all that but never seems to get to where you want, and let’s be honest, for some of us, the time is running out. As the age adds up, our metabolism plummets down beyond our control. It gets even more frustrating for women, even more so for post-natal mothers, that have to add up the hormonal clock to the equation.

We also know that there’s liposuction, the fastest yet the most intrusive, way to rid of the excess fat in your body. But what if you want something not quite the extreme, safer, with a much shorter downtime or recovery period.
H Clinic is one of Jakarta’s leading beauty enhancement clinic, that offers a number of breakthrough services and facilities in beauty and plastic surgery, one of which is the cutting edge slimming technology called the ‘Vanquish Me’ by BTL Aesthetics.

The BTL Vanquish ME is dubbed as the only contactless body shaping device on the market. Its large treated area makes the therapy typically more affordable, with more fat removed compared to other procedures. Contrary to other devices, it is available to patients with any BMI, although it is ideal to be applied to the abdomen and thigh area. Because it is considered non-invasive with no downtime, you can carry on with everyday life after a treatment session.

When you do the BTL Vanquish Me treatment in H Clinic, you will be ushered to a very cozy private room where all the treatments will take place. First, your aesthetician will ask you to sign the consent form for safety precautions. Your aesthetician will also record detailed measurement of your body and take a photo of your trouble area from all sides.

Due to its radio frequency use, this treatment is not advised for women that are currently menstruating, women that underwent c-section surgery less than 6 months prior, women with myoma and cyst in the uterus, and anyone with a pacemaker or dental and surgical implants.

It should also be noted those with braces will feel a slight tingling, and only breastfeeding mothers will encounter reduced breast milk production, therefore it is best to revert to the procedure until her baby is weaned.

How Does it Work? 
The BTL Vanquish Me procedure disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of the fatty cells. When you sign up for the treatment, two machines will be used on you. First, the BTL X-wave, which delivers medical sound waves to improve blood circulation around the fatty cells, which in turn will make it easier to ‘melt’.

In my case, ultrasonic gel (the type that gets applied on any ultrasound check) was applied on my tummy. The apparatus itself kind of looks like a very futuristic hand gun with a shiny tip. My aesthetician ‘warns’ me of the sound it will make, an intermittent zapping sound and the slight discomfort it will cause. The pain level was like a pinch on your skin that isn’t actually painful but will still make your skin sore after 8 minutes mark, the time it took for the machine to do its job.

If you prefer, the x-wave machine can also be done in itself, as it is said to be able to collagen production, improve skin’s texture and elasticity as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

After the X-wave machine, then it is the turn for the BTL Vanquish Me machine to be used. This is how it looks like, and how it was applied to me:

How it affects each person during the treatment will vary; some will sweat a lot and experience dryness, and some, like myself, will hardly sweat at all. But I did had to do a bathroom break for more than 2 times in the 45 minutes the BTL Vanquish Me was done on me.

What should be done prior the procedure? 
Patients are advised to drink lots of water up to 2 days before, and to avoid coffee and or alcohol. Other than that, there’s nothing to be prepared for.

The Results?
For maximum result, BTL Vanquish me should be repeated once a week at least 4 to 6 consecutive times. Because this was my first ever treatment, my waistline was reduced for around 5 cm only but I did notice my cellulite appeared smoother and the dimples are less visible.

Mrs. Hanny Pirss, director of the clinic said that despite how quickly the treatment works, nothing is instantaneous. Quite the contrary, you’re advised to crank up the fat burning activities, while your fat cells are ‘loose’. “Both the BTL Vanquish Me and X-Wave do wonders for the fat cells under your skin. Liposuction patients are advised to do it because it will make the ‘suction’ of fat so much easier and faster.”

For more information about the Vanquish Me visit their Facebook page or consult directly to H Clinic:
Jl.Hang Lekir 2 No.15 Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan 12220
Phone: 0217228525
081319850022 / 081933963509 (WA Only)

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